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Opus Clip is a generative AI video repurposing tool that turns your long videos into viral short videos. We use the most advanced AI to analyze and pick the gold nuggets from different parts of your video, and seamlessly rearrange them into viral short clips that stand on their own.


Submagic is an AI for content creators that generates viral shorts in seconds. Make your short-form videos more captivating with Captions, B-Rolls, Zooms and Sound Effects.

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InVideo is a video editing tool that allows users to create videos for social media and websites. It has over 4,000 templates, 1 million royalty-free images and video clips, and the ability to upload and edit videos, images, and audio. 

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AI powered video editing platform to repurpose long form podcasts and videos into short viral clips for TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

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Recut is an automatic video editing app for Mac and Windows. It finds the silent parts in your videos (and podcasts too). You can tweak the settings so it sounds perfect. Not too tight, not too loose. And you get to choose whether to cut all of the silence – or select which parts to keep.