Castmagic is a cloud-based AI tool that converts audio content into various types of content. It’s designed for long-form audio and podcasts. Users can upload an MP3 file to get transcripts, notes, summaries, highlights, quotes, and social media posts. 


PodMatch is a podcast booking service that uses AI to match podcast guests and hosts for interviews. It uses a similar technology to online dating apps, but instead of finding dates, it matches podcast guests and hosts. Hosts have the opportunity to view matches without a pitch and make a decision about inviting a guest to their show.

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Podcastle is a cloud-based platform that allows users to record, edit, and publish podcasts. It uses AI technology to create audio and video files. Podcastle also offers features for remote recording, transcription, and exporting content

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Podsqueeze is a user-friendly tool for anyone who loves podcasting and wants to repurpose their podcast content with AI. Whether you’re a podcast creator, editor, or marketer, Podsqueeze gives you all the tools you need to simplify your podcast content production workflow.

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Podpage is a tool that helps users create a podcast website. It can automatically generate a podcast site from an RSS feed. Users can customize the design without needing coding or technical knowledge